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This video introduces you to a powerful technique that you can use immediately in your acupuncture practice as well as start to attract clients for online consultancy. Please find a suitable time and place where you will not be interrupted for one hour. Switch off your phone, make sure you have eaten in advance, gone to the bathroom etc. If you are truly committed to expanding your potential reach then please commit to this 100%.


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Introducing Satyen Raja

Founder of Accelerated Evolution Academy, Satyen Raja is a living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality. He is a graduate of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto (1987) and a a Kung-Fu Master. With a background in NLP and Hypnotherapy, and a passion for eastern philosophy he has dedicated his life to finding solutions that work for all types of people using verbal guidance for structured transformative processes. He shares these world-wide through the AE Academy.


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