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New technologies have given us an unprecedented opportunity to connect beyond geographic boundaries. Be part of the Knowledge Commerce movement and influence change by sharing your expertise.

Who is Kath Berry?

Broadcasting out of a small office (above), from the tiny island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain... Kath Berry is a Knowledge Commerce Coach - teaching you how to reach the world, whoever and where ever you are. 


What Is Knowledge Commerce?

Knowledge Commerce is monetisation of the process you use to share your knowledge. It is an evolution of the e-learning or online learning industry which gives you a platform to inspire others by sharing your expertise and get paid for your unique skills through the provision of webinars, video tutorials, podcasts and online consultancy.


Why Now? Rapid Growth of the Knowledge Commerce Industry

Demand for bespoke content is rising fast. We consume information in such high volume via YouTube, podcasts, blogs and social media - the challenge is finding high quality and meaningful information. Collective wisdom is an emerging commodity.

The knowledge commerce industry is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% over the next decade to reach $331 billion USD by 2025 (Research & Markets, 2017).

Be ahead of the bell curve and embrace new technologies, with Kath Berry coaching you, you'll find it exhilarating by fulfilling your higher purpose. 


Step by Step Guidance and Support

Convert what you know into what you teach - starting from scratch.With Kath Berry supporting you, you'll have a helping hand to generate, cultivate and curate high quality information.

Become a Leader

Imparting knowledge is your gift to your community. Your experience becomes expertise which when channeled through education can lead others to enlightenment. Your legacy is what you have learned, practiced and now teach. So share your wisdom with peers and invest in the next generation.

Why join with Kath Berry?

With over 15 years connecting people and promoting professional citizenship through online discussion forums, podcasts, live webinars, accredited CPD, video interviews and her YouTube channel, Kath Berry loves innovative technologies and their ability to offer support and personal development through the provision of high quality education, peer support and information sharing.

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